Monday, January 31, 2011

839 part two

Dear lover,
I should let you know that
I have fallen completely head over heels
for you.
I walk these paved paths of my memories
and think back to that night,
where we had just moments to spare
and you looked me in my blue eyes, where yours
danced like sunlight seeping through green tree
tops in a beautiful blue horizon
and I smiled as you whispered
in my ears, the vibrations and warmth of
your breath tickling my ear drums,
"I love you. So much"

And my heart melted, and does still
at this very moment, thinking
of days before, where for that
one tiny moment,
I saw the glimpse of our
perfect forever

And I smiled with butterflies
reaching ecstasy in
heights, with words pouring
out like honey from my lips,
"I love you too, baby."

And you held me, in that sweet embrace
of yours, that chokehold where I love
to be strangled in, and fell into forever
as your beautiful scent clung to my
clothing like a leach
like I was having an affair with you
with Bitter Loneliness--
 how she will  be so
jealous to know that I dream
of you every night.

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