Monday, January 31, 2011

839 part two

Dear lover,
I should let you know that
I have fallen completely head over heels
for you.
I walk these paved paths of my memories
and think back to that night,
where we had just moments to spare
and you looked me in my blue eyes, where yours
danced like sunlight seeping through green tree
tops in a beautiful blue horizon
and I smiled as you whispered
in my ears, the vibrations and warmth of
your breath tickling my ear drums,
"I love you. So much"

And my heart melted, and does still
at this very moment, thinking
of days before, where for that
one tiny moment,
I saw the glimpse of our
perfect forever

And I smiled with butterflies
reaching ecstasy in
heights, with words pouring
out like honey from my lips,
"I love you too, baby."

And you held me, in that sweet embrace
of yours, that chokehold where I love
to be strangled in, and fell into forever
as your beautiful scent clung to my
clothing like a leach
like I was having an affair with you
with Bitter Loneliness--
 how she will  be so
jealous to know that I dream
of you every night.


Something deep inside of me stirs
like the swirling of sugar in sweet
herbal green tea.
Can in it be this ocean
of passion that overfills my heart
with life?
Or is it this voice in my head,
so beautiful and divine, like
heaven herself has come down
to intervene with my very thoughts

I call this heavenly place my home, in your arms
where my heart grows

This voice keeps singing a lullaby
of love and poetry
about a boy who loves a
girl, so secretly
About a girl who loves a
boy, and they want to express their
emotion but not can they
It's a modern day romeo-juliet

but it's still a heaven no matter the tragedy
of what we have to consider
ourselves, even if that means
just friends
because deep down inside
something stirs
and I know it's love

Your voice is the music
to my soul.


I really let this get to me too much

I am just going to smile and laugh it off

I love my friends, thank you for making me feel better. I love you all.

Stow High School

I couldn't fucking wait to get out of there. But now, it's like I am being retracted in by the bullshit rumors that people are spreading about me...

Why are people so fascinated by me and the rumors they hear about me? If you want to know about me and my personal life, this is who I am. SO STOP SPREADING RUMORS!!!!!

I am Kevin, I go to Kent State University, I am majoring in english and living at home. I am 19 almost 20, and yes I am currently grounded right now for doing poorly last semester (3 F's 1 D) but I am doing way better now. I am on academic probation but it's alright because I have improved. My goal is to get all A's, I am working my ass off studying daily. I fucking love english, I love grammar, I love writing and reading, I love structuring of sentences and spelling and vocabulary. I want to be an english professor when I am older, but my dream is to be a writer and a famous musician.

I've had a shitty past, not by being poor or being abused, but by fucking up. I am a new man, changing my old ways and bad habits, and I have improved. I love love love english and going to school for it, but yes I hate fucking LERs.

I love writing horror, tragedy, mystery, and fantasy... Also I love poetry and short stories and lyrics.

I have many best friends because they are all my true friends. They are the people that actually accept me  for who I am and I love them for that. They don't spread rumors, and if they hear any they stand up for me. So thank you to my true friends

and fuck all you people who spread rumors about me to make me look bad or to get some fascination by speaking low of me.

Do me a fucking favor, if you hear a rumor, don't fucking spread it... ignore it or walk the fuck away. You don't even fucking know me or who I actually am, only those select best friends know me for real. I am getting pissed off hearing about being infamous... JESUS CHRIST, I am a good person. FUCK YOU STOW HIGH SCHOOL, fuck you and your shitty, immature, cunt-fucking rumors

I hate it. I dislike those who are spreading it. This is me exploding, this is me telling you that what you hear, whatever it is because I don't even know, is a fucking lie

You are in high school now, and I am in college. I don't need any of this high school drama tailing my ass because people are entertained about other people's rumors.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


days remain till forever
holds us together
can you please come hold me closer?

I feel broken beyond repair
for years I've carried this burden
but you come like a goddess lifting the weight
with just the smile on your beautiful face
can you please come hold me closer?

Your touch relaxes my impatience
miles away, just words to my heart
mending old wounds and worries
with just a smile in text
can you please come hold me closer?

And I know everything will be all right
everything will be just fine
as long as you are holding me close


Only some will understand the title, but I am sure it is painfully obvious.

My heart is seriously melting every day more and more, I am falling deeper and deeper into this heaven of my heart. I love it..

Today, while you were away I was sad. I started over thinking situations, thinking wow this must be a dream or this can't be real. And my heart started breaking from my own fucking thoughts, but then when I saw what you said to me: how you missed me so much... butterflies flew through my entire body, my heart leapt for joy, and a huge smile stretched across my face.

Just hearing your voice sets my heart ablaze
Just seeing your name makes my heart melt

the thought of you loving me... that is a phenomenon in itself

So here I am, typing this nonsense on my bed, thinking to myself (as I always do): how did I get so lucky?

No, you are not some trophy or prize... you aren't a fucking medal that I'll hang on my shelf... you are the love of my life, and I will treat you with the most respect I have ever treated anyone, and I know you know that.

I am here, constantly listening to our song on repeat, letting it's sweet lullaby serenade my poetic soul, and again I say



Saturday, January 29, 2011

841 part two

Oh dear moon you
should see the beauty that I have
the bright, beautiful bulbs of brilliance.
I am sorry my favorite
poetic metaphor, I can no longer describe
beauty as you, and compare
the eyes of beauty to you
for I would be disowning her,
degrading her very sweet and
sensual soul

Oh dear starlight, how much I
have favored the use of
your beauty through similes
and metaphors that have manifested
into poems and songs,
but I apologize to you as well,
no longer can I compare you to the twinkle
of a lover's eye.

Oh dear angels, your
musical choirs have
filled my poems for years,
but I apologize, your voices
can never match the epitome of
her voice, of her description

Oh dear roses, hundreds of years
poets have been comparing you
to love in such beautiful
poems that have always filled my
heart with passion, but
I'm stripping away the pedals
and letting them rot
one by one because
you're a flower and
she's the garden to
my soul

Oh dear potential lovers,
I let go of you now, and whisk away
any chance we could have had
Oh dear past lovers,
this is me forgetting about you,
destroying everything that has come
to be, because the future holds
no ramifications for the past--
not when it comes to her

Oh dear lover, this is me
reaching out to you because I know
you are miles away at a place
you wish not to be, but
I want you to know, deep down inside
I am there with you
and I will be with you
always and forever
You have stumped a poet with
your beauty, I am wordless when
it comes to comparing you to worldly and godly things
because you are beyond that

you are everything to me


Lone wanderers crawl 
like zombies through the 
darkness staring in awe at the life, the 
beauty around them—
deceased are these demons of 
deadliness, these vicious vipers of darkness
crawling in numbers, prying at love with 
their lustful eyes

They call these creatures 
cynics, lonely fools
who have yet to experience
the true feeling that this world has to offer—
the beating of two hearts, the rhythm of the
pulses like a sweet melody, where guitars serenade
the skies with vibrant colors, and angelic voices sing
in a chorus of precision

No, this is not the heaven we’ve
been preached about.
This is love, this is how I feel

I once was a lone wanderer, searching
for meaning in the darkness around
me, but silhouetted dreams were all
my eyes could make out
but then you came along,
with your positive energy to
reflect my poetry
with your beautiful romantics of
music and lyricism,

I fell in love
with just the beating of your
heart, so perfect and poetic
I fell in love

with just the words that your
soul shouted out: ‘marry me’
I fell in love

and my lone wanderer rode out to sea
to never return,
because my love, my beauteous future bride,
we will wander this world together
and never return to the cynicism 
of our deceased past

we fell in love
and here we are, two lovers
at sea, floating in each other’s
eyes adrift the current of our
bloodstream, our pulsing hearts
beating and beating and beating
and I can’t help to smile as
I look up at the sky, knowing
that at this very moment, across town, you’re
looking at the same star thinking
the same thing:

we are in love

we are lone wanderers joined
together by fate, and our
destiny begins with the just
the kiss of tomorrow’s memory

we are in love

Friday, January 28, 2011

842 part two

They call this feeling
love, but I call it heaven—
a place for my heart to
be at peace, not in

I drove home today
on salty roads, covered in
slush and snow, thinking to myself
as the headlights illuminated
my silhouetted face:
This is beauty beyond love,
this is love beyond beauty

We are meant to be
together, writing poetry under a
moonlit sky thinking who cares
if there is a tomorrow

We aren’t cynical criticizing every
creative beauty around us,
we’re poets dreaming
of the future ten seconds from now:
kissing each other on
the lips, as our hearts set ablaze
we’re poets, loving creation
and every speck of detail
around us

we’re lovers
spending every second
together on paper lines
crossed out many times until
the right words strike
a chord, we’re
lovers dreaming of
our awaited future
that the world tries
deriving us from
seeing, and love might
be blind but you
are my vision, and I
have been surveying

we’re dreamers 


The blue-green horizon of
your eyes is the most beautiful
site I have ever seen,
that I have ever dreamed of—
I walk the landscape to
our love every time I close
my eyes.

I can’t stop staring deep
into those beautiful bulbs
of brilliance, the illumination
to my inspiration, the vision
to the vulnerability of my soul, to the
beauty I have always been
writing about but never have seen
but now I have seen the world
just in the color of your eyes

You write the words to my
poetry with just a smile,
with just the flicker of your
eye lashes, with the brilliant beams
of beauty, the radiation of your luminous eyes,
ablaze in the fires of my

It’s the way you say
sorry, the way you
look at me like I’m a god, the
way your curiosity runs wild like
the rivers of my words.

It’s how you laugh and fall
backwards on the carpeted floor like
you want me to be lying next to you—
the way your cheeks get rosy
when you realize I can read your
facial expressions and body

And I find myself staring
deep into your eyes again, those
oceans I love to swim in.

I love you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


They say inspiration can't
be turned on and off
but when I think of you
a light pops over my head illuminating
the darkness around me

They say you can't fall in
love after the first
week of contact... but look at us
we've got our who life
planned out.

They say it's impossible
to love at such
a young age as this,
that soon we'll just
be a memory drowning
in the ocean
of our love,
but what do they know?

they can't see into
this heart of mine

they can't see into this
soul of mine

They say love always
dies, but what I
feel can only die
if God killed
himself and creation
if every angel
sacrificed themselves
and every single human
died of spontaneous combustion

They say what I feel is
only infatuation at it's early
stage, but I'm a poet
I know what true love is
and that my dear
is you

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tomorrow, as our
lips touch so passionately, and every
fiber of me vibrates like the rhythmic 
beat of each poem I write 
for you, our hearts will become a 
lullaby sung by the rapid pulse
of our melodic love
and we will become one,
united under the stars

and tears will stream
down our rosy 
cheeks and freeze 
against our skin
as our hands make out the
shape of hearts with our fingertips,
as our lips spell
out the word 'forever'
through moments our dreams
can only capture

and we'll walk together, 
hand in hand, down
the paved roads covered 
in the white fluff from
heaven, and we'll walk in a
silent whisper as the cold breeze
freezes our faces, with the snow
crunching like crackers beneath
our feet. And you'll look
at me, with the happiest tears
blurring your vision, and your smile
will stretch from cheek to
cheek, and you'll say with 
ever sweet words from 
the most musical voice
I have ever encountered:

"I love you."

And I'll look at you, my heart
beating endlessly in my chest, my
body shaking calmly from the cold, 
but warm from your 
heat, and I'll say as I stare
deep into your beautiful eyes:

"I love you too."

"I'm Only Human Sometimes"

I'm honestly in such a William Control mood. Is it because I love the darkness of human nature and lately I have been noticing that a lot in books,  television show, people, and myself? or is it because I am writing a speech on the psyche of serial killers? and writing a book on a serial killer...

I am inspired to get inside of the head of a serial killer, become one (so to speak) so I can actually write about one.

Writing is a lot like acting, you need to become the main character and you need to understand and feel and experience their background and what they are going through, it's how you write a successful story. At least, that is what I have always told myself

So maybe I should go back into the past and dig out my "fictional" alter ego, and be in his shoes for a day. Some day soon... everything I write about will be his words, both dark and grim... Also the way I talk will be different, the way I dress, the way I look and speak... and the things I say... that way I get in the mood for writing such a dark story as the one I am going to write soon called "MARY"

Love you all

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From opposite sides of
town, we whisper to each other
holding in our deepest secret:

Our love.

From phone call, to message,
to dreaming every night
of each other, we share something
deeper than that I have ever

Our love.

And I sleep restless each
night, because my bed
feels so empty
without you here.
And this house is dead,
cold and lonely
because they say home
is where the heart is

but you are across town
and this distance is
killing me.

I am only alive in
your heart, and in my

But this insomnia is
killing me.

Because every day that I
can't see you, or hear
your voice, or feel your
touch, I die.

I'm just a zombie walking these
landscapes I once called
my home.

Please come hold me
tonight so I
could feel alive and feel
in love.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I will wipe the
tears from your warm cheeks
and tonight, I will hold you close
as your very heartbeat murmurs
in a poetic rhythm. Let us
smile underneath the moonlight
of your beautiful eyes
and become werewolves of the night,
lovers forever

The darkness will dwell
but never will it
overcome, for our
love will never cease
even when my body
rots six feet under and
the world declares me
deceased, our
love will live forever

My arms wrapped
around your heart
my poetry tied
around your sweet, sensitive soul--

I am now a part of you

Your words wrapped
around my heart
and your voice, your beauty
tied around my poetic soul--

You are now a part of me

So my darling, my lover
remember that you are my one, my only
I couldn't live without you
I wouldn't want to die without you

It kills me to see you sad, and right
now I am dying, crying in my heart
for you to let me in, for
you to be okay
I know you will be okay

Because weeks will turn to days
and days will turn to minutes
and minutes will turn to seconds
until you are forever mine

So smile and let me in, and
I will walk these miles
with you until we die
in each other's arms

And when we do die
I will be smiling, knowing
that I lived the life I always wanted:
a life with you

Forever is moments away
until we can be
united in each other's
arms, where our lips
will capture the very moment
our hearts will beat as one

So smile my love
discard the brokenness of the days waste
and dispatch it in the past
because the future is now

I love you

Sunday, January 23, 2011


our hearts beat as one

even in this darkness, where our souls must sleep
arrows of cupid until time may tell, just a shot in the dark,
we can see, only we can feel the
of our shaking hearts, quivering substantially with the purest form of

and ecstasy, with our shaking hands in each other's fictional mind.
are my very imagination, my very inspiration.
heart attacks on paper thin lies, have been discarded forever.

my fantasy collides with reality when our
subsides and paves way for our dream, our future,
will immerse my soul and drown me in
of our fate.
seems but a word, just like the phrase "i love you" but the
are so obvious in this chemical equation between us:
of my very heart will cease once you

but i will live forever
and i will love forever

my love, your shades of beauty will never
diminish, like the erosion of rivers
and oceans can never compare to the depth
of my emotions i have for you

Kill me In My sleep if this is but a lie,
that way I die happy dreaming of you

I Love You Forever


Good Mornings, I think, equal not necessarily sleeping in, but getting enough rest. Having a nice cup of brewed coffee, reading something, maybe eating some kind of breakfast, and just relaxing.

Bad mornings = waking up early after getting 5 hours of sleep, going straight to work for 6 hours, or school...

I'd have to say every one of my mornings have been bad.

I no longer have anytime to relax, to spend a day just enjoying the indoors or cuddling under a blanket with a lover.

My mornings consist of rushed, getting up early, barely sleeping, and rushing over to school.

Can I have a break sometime someday?

Today I have work 11-5, woke up at 8, went to bed at 2:30 and woke up during the night every hour. Not to mention that my boss hates me for some reason.

I just got say this:
Marie, if you are reading this which I hope you are, stop talking shit about me behind my back. I am sick of hearing from other people how much you dislike me, if you want to rant about your hate for me do it to my fucking face, you hypocritical piece of shit. Yeah, that's right, I said it. I am not afraid to let the truth out.

You are the worst boss in mankind and you have no idea how to properly "communicate." Communication is the key most important role in order to be a successful business manager and you lack communication and ethics. So STOP talking shit about your employees behind their backs, stop ignoring me when I ask if you need help, stop ONLY talking to me to yell at me for wanting to help you. And open your fucking eyes you blind bat, I am a good worker and everybody else there thinks so, besides you. I've worked there two fucking years, I know what I am doing. I'm not some ignorant, non-substantial douche bag.

Anyways, I guess you could call this a bad morning. It's always a bad one every time I have to wake up knowing I will be seeing her. Knowing I will have to be putting on a mask in order to "impress" her, because if I don't "impress" her, then she will go bitch to my manager about how much she hates me.

I don't care, I really don't. Nothing can bring me down. I am so elated recently due to events that have captured my heart.

I love this feeling, and I can't wait to express it further.

Saturday, January 22, 2011



Do I love the fact that
I am in love
or that I love you?

I think it is both

I KNOW it is both

I am in love with you until the day
my heart stops beating

My secret lover:
no words of a poet can possibly
express the emotions I have for you, the beauty
inside of my soul is because of you

My best friend
My soul mate

You are the music to my ears,
the poetry in my soul
and the love in my heart

shall i Kiss In Memories? Beyond
Eternity Resides
Loving You

My heart smiles in
the color of your beautiful
eyes. Your skin, soft
and warm, has
the perfect tone

You are perfect in
your own flawless way

those flaws you call imperfections--
they are the color in
my soul, the beating of my
heart, the beauty of forever

We will always be always,
attracting through words
and phenomenon of our
united souls, flying free
flying forever
on the wings of cupid

Soon we will be one
for now our secrecy must
yield the world's darkness,
and let it in, but never
let it become a part of us,
never let it destroy our
very centerpiece:

Our heart-

one beating heart, shared
together, ticking
forever like
a time-bomb

Only time will reveal
our secrecy, hidden underneath
our flesh.

We are not monsters underneath
this skin, just simply immortal creatures
of God's beauty:


Humorous or DEAD serious?

Sometimes I can be quite humorous, but it happens to be dark humor which no one seems to be really fond of. Like people probably think I am crazy, but in reality it is just this darkness in me that I express through fiction.

For example. I posted on twitter yesterday:

"Gassing out the bitches, poisoning the whores. Ditching all their bodies in a fucking morgue. This world will be better without them here."

I really love that. I love dark things, and I think that kinda stuff is funny. 

Like the irony that Dexter is a cop by day and a serial killer by night makes me laugh. His malicious grin makes me grin. 

I love darkness. And I love expressing it through fiction, mostly deeper than humor, but ocassionaly through dark humor. 

But that is me. If you think I am some kind of creep, a serial killer, some kind of monster... then maybe you should watch your every step. 
I know where you sleep, I know where you shit. I am the future embroidered on your flesh. I am the blood streaming through your body, gushing out through your veins . I am the strewn blood imbedding my face with a joyless grin...

or maybe I am just a writer


Friday, January 21, 2011

Olive Tree poem (each stanza a haiku)

"Olive Tree"

My sweet olive tree,
your branches are like my soul
We both bear our fruit

Olive, my olive
tree. I am in love with her
she too bears my fruit

Her eyes, like olives
hanging from these branches, are
in my soul to keep

My soul shakes like the
branches each time I whisper
to her perfect lips

Two thousand thirteen
I will Kiss In Memories
and we will bear fruit


I wish I didn't fuck up last semester. 3 F's and One D... what the fuck was I thinking? I can blame apathy and depression all I want, but I can never get that semester back. Now I am working my ass off to not only stay into kent, but to improve my GPA, study every day, pay rent and bills, while being grounded from my friends, social networking, my cell phone, TV... my life is gone. Seriously, and now I just discovered that my mom is forcing me to retake a class each portion of the summer sessions.... So sorry to all of you who thought you could hang with me in the summer. I guess I am fucked.

Hopefully I will actually be allowed to do stuff in the summer. I need the summer. I need the break. I need to go to warped tour. And I NEED to go camping. This is too much stress for me to handle. I need my friends.

This loneliness is too overbearing and it's just shoving me down a deeper pit of depression. I need out of here. I am isolated from the rest of the world. So while everyone is either out partying with their friends or enjoying a movie, I am at home sneaking online and wallowing. I have nothing better to do but read or sleep, and I have constantly been doing educational shit since 8 in the morning. My head is about to explode. I need out of my fucking room, but I am locked away in here.

fucking get me out of here, I miss my friends. I miss my life. This is so depressing.

I feel like sitting in the dark.

I'm turning off the lights and letting the darkness take me alive


As I stated earlier through a tweet, I love having my ipod on shuffle. It honestly puts me through an emotional roller coaster, where the hills are a mystery every time as if I am blind folded. It is amazing. Going from a "hard ass who just wants to mosh" mood because of listening to Parkway Drive, to an inspirational poet who just wants to relax and look at the world through color from just listening to Angels & Airwaves. I love it. If not on shuffle I always have trouble picking what I want to listen to, but when it's on shuffle it's as if fate picks my next song which picks how I will be feeling.

But anyways, I must go now. Class starts in 15 minutes.

If I don't post anything else on here tonight, which I doubt will be the case, I hope everyone has a wonderful friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This will be a weird post. To NOT reveal names I will give weird ass nick names to everyone who I miss the most

I miss:

bluejay, bobcat, basketball, salad fingers (he loves rusty spoons), simba, fatal daddy, beagle, hammertime, crumsier, MAE, ziv ziv, steins, work out buddy, purple, hyhena goo, evan groom (who the fuck is that?), lyndsay keller goo, Popper, Shim, and Slender Man

I miss you all and cannot wait until the summer to hang out with all of you again. If I missed you in this list it's not because I don't love you the most or anything like that, it's just because I am doing this from the top of my head. But you know I love you nonetheless.

Hope everyone had a good Thursday... dammit I have dishes tonight.

Let me leave you with words from a poem by an excellent poet I read today:

"it is better to be a part of beauty
for one instant and then to cease to
exist than to exist forever
and never be a part of beauty"-- Don Marquis


Last semester I was the biggest slacker known to mankind. I skipped out on school, I procrastinated with homework, I didn't study even once, and I became apathetic towards the potential of my future.
But now I know I was wrong. And no, it is NOT from my mother's grounding/ making me pay for rent and bills at my own house that has made me see the light. It is from my own guilty soul. I have failed my family, my friends, and my future. It is time for change.

No more will I spend all of my time not doing anything. This semester I will read my chapters assigned everyday, I will study ahead of time (doing the five day plan thing), I will work on poetry as much as possible, I will blog every day, I will write everyday, and I will read every day.

My time will be spent dedicated on school and my future. I have to prove the world wrong, I have to show everyone that I am not some "fuck up." I can lead a successful role in the world, one where my family will actually look up to me instead of down. It is time for me to change, to get good grades, to pay attention and class whilst taking worthy notes, and maybe even re-taking those notes when I get home.

No this is not a new year's resolution; no this is not some wishful thinking. This is me, stepping up to the plate, and maybe not hitting a home run, but taking a swing and trying my best. I know I can do it, and I will.

Let me leave you with the most inspirational thing I have ever read in my entire life:

"You can be whatever you want to be in life, and you can and you will, you just have to have an enormous amount of faith in yourself and the world around you," Tom Delonge.

So this is me, annihilating the past slacker in me and pushing forward with my life. The future is now, and even though I am deeply afraid of change, I can bear it. I can handle this. I have my whole family and friends in support of me, and I can no longer let them down.

Slacker out, Worker in.

160 Character Fiction Short Story (11-20-11)

Dark days are his favorite kind of day. I smile at the blood splattered mirror and see heaven. A beast: my Love, Beauty: her blood strewn.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily Blog 11-19-11

I'm not used to blogging, I don't have much experience with the whole thing so you must bare with me through this. Eventually I should get the hang of it, but right now I am experimenting, searching for my style. Warning my thoughts are random and sometimes make absolutely no sense.

Today is Wednesday and it's what you would call "fucking freezing" outside. I am currently at Kent State hiding -- inside of the library --  from the, what feels like, below-zero weather. I am hibernating inside the warmth of this shelter, my savior for the hour, escaping the weather. I am hibernating, like an animal, for a few hours before my next class. This brings up a good theme: the idea whether or not humanity is in fact entirely human. We surely have animalistic qualities. (We crave sex and food, sleep all of the time, spend our time focused on only ourselves, and sex. Did I say sex?) We mate with things we do not love, but what we lust over. We drool like imbeciles over our greedy desires.
But that doesn't make us animals, it simply makes us human. For it is our own human nature to do these things, it is our human nature to be dark. We are born into a life of sin.

Anyways enough rambling... about that. So far today has been an amazing day, for the most part. I have had 2 out of 3 classes, which include: Media, power, and culture... along with Human Evolution (which I do not believe in for the record.)
Also, I had lunch with my best friends and we always have an amazing time, laughing at the stupidest shit. Which most of the things we talk about are pretty vulgar, so I am sure a bunch of pretty ladies thinks we are fucking creeps, nerds, or losers which is okay with me because I don't care at all. In reality we are pretty much just quoting inside jokes which usually allude our rap band: Nottingham Lane, with these dirty FICTIONAL lyrics. But I won't even get into that, those raps are awful and all for jokes, but always manage to maintain a laugh from everyone. I guess it's a way for us to connect with one another and just have a fun time through our immaturity for the time-being. A bunch of college guys talking about "fucking bitches" is a normal thing I guess, but our humor gets pretty dark. Atleast, mine does, and I am way too ashamed to admit what I have wrote, but if it ever gets our there, it's all for the 'shits and giggles.'
Anyways, now I am in the library for a little more time, then I have to head over to my Intro to human communications class, which is a fun night class.

I am pretty amazing as we speak because something special has currently happened, and I can't stress to deeply on what it is, but I am going to write a poem about it. :)

"The 19th of the 5th month of the 13th year of 2000"

This cold weather, dark sky
and such, like how my heart
has always been:
cold, dark, and broken,
can never stop me

My pieces have finally
fallen back into
place. My heart is alive 
in the beauty of your soul

Brokenness can never stop me

My soul, deeper
than a pondering poet,
runs on rivers of words
into our destined future

No dams or droughts can ever stop me

Your eyes glisten gracefully
as I stare, deep into 
your poetic soul—
your heavenly voice,
the music and rhythm 
to my beating heart

Silence can never stop me

And yes, the future
is days from this hour,
but so is every minute.
And with every second we
draw closer to the opening
of the curtain, to the beginning
of forever
You are forever mine

The past can never stop me

And I sit here and weep
not in grief, but in glory
in thankfulness
in amazement that you—
a jealousy to the goddesses—
have destined a day for 
our unity, our love.

The world can never stop me

The nineteenth of the fifth month
of the thirteenth year
of two-thousand:
engraved on my heart
like a tattoo

Time can never stop me

from loving you

160 Character Short-Story

He was short, she was very tall. He loved her, she loved him. It was romance in a hand basket, until he ate her flesh. Then it became love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After Midnight

The other day in Poetry Writing, we were given a prompt called: After Midnight. We wrote for 12 minutes, and I came up with an okay poem. I came home later and rewrote it and absolutely love it, I still have some editing to do.  But I am turning it into a poetry competition for KSU.

After Midnight

After midnight, laughter no fights
these days the party begins now
while children sleep, and parents weep
about our abused futures,
we celebrate the broken life
we toast to victory and angst
and raise our glasses to fate.
Our sleepless eyes, stricken
with insomnia, see through the blurry
silhouettes of street lights and
our own sexual sensations.
We are but puppets of the world
and our parents are pulling the strings. But
after midnight it’s our life to do as we please.
As the night’s delicate darkness dwells
neon lights illuminate ourselves
and our human nature.
The cigarette butts lie littered
on the ground next to the walls
caked in pornography and graffiti
saying ‘fuck the police’ and ‘we are the revolution.’
This is our vocabulary and these
are our pictures of tomorrow’s past
this is who we are,
what we’ve always been
and tomorrow we’ll be the image
of our parents best wishes again
but until then, for the night,
 let the party begin
let us drag on these cigarettes
like hipsters with their no-name brands
and join an ironic rebellion
against society and what our parents want us to be.
Let’s forget our sorrows
until the morrow
and let our dreams never end
let's kiss the lips
of our drunken  friends
and intoxicate ourselves with infatuation
until beauty never ceases.
And lets pray to the gods of our
own wretched souls
and fall in love with the goddesses
of our human hearts
because after midnight we slip out of
our meat suits and into our true identities:
lovers of the night.