Saturday, January 29, 2011


Lone wanderers crawl 
like zombies through the 
darkness staring in awe at the life, the 
beauty around them—
deceased are these demons of 
deadliness, these vicious vipers of darkness
crawling in numbers, prying at love with 
their lustful eyes

They call these creatures 
cynics, lonely fools
who have yet to experience
the true feeling that this world has to offer—
the beating of two hearts, the rhythm of the
pulses like a sweet melody, where guitars serenade
the skies with vibrant colors, and angelic voices sing
in a chorus of precision

No, this is not the heaven we’ve
been preached about.
This is love, this is how I feel

I once was a lone wanderer, searching
for meaning in the darkness around
me, but silhouetted dreams were all
my eyes could make out
but then you came along,
with your positive energy to
reflect my poetry
with your beautiful romantics of
music and lyricism,

I fell in love
with just the beating of your
heart, so perfect and poetic
I fell in love

with just the words that your
soul shouted out: ‘marry me’
I fell in love

and my lone wanderer rode out to sea
to never return,
because my love, my beauteous future bride,
we will wander this world together
and never return to the cynicism 
of our deceased past

we fell in love
and here we are, two lovers
at sea, floating in each other’s
eyes adrift the current of our
bloodstream, our pulsing hearts
beating and beating and beating
and I can’t help to smile as
I look up at the sky, knowing
that at this very moment, across town, you’re
looking at the same star thinking
the same thing:

we are in love

we are lone wanderers joined
together by fate, and our
destiny begins with the just
the kiss of tomorrow’s memory

we are in love

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