Monday, January 24, 2011


I will wipe the
tears from your warm cheeks
and tonight, I will hold you close
as your very heartbeat murmurs
in a poetic rhythm. Let us
smile underneath the moonlight
of your beautiful eyes
and become werewolves of the night,
lovers forever

The darkness will dwell
but never will it
overcome, for our
love will never cease
even when my body
rots six feet under and
the world declares me
deceased, our
love will live forever

My arms wrapped
around your heart
my poetry tied
around your sweet, sensitive soul--

I am now a part of you

Your words wrapped
around my heart
and your voice, your beauty
tied around my poetic soul--

You are now a part of me

So my darling, my lover
remember that you are my one, my only
I couldn't live without you
I wouldn't want to die without you

It kills me to see you sad, and right
now I am dying, crying in my heart
for you to let me in, for
you to be okay
I know you will be okay

Because weeks will turn to days
and days will turn to minutes
and minutes will turn to seconds
until you are forever mine

So smile and let me in, and
I will walk these miles
with you until we die
in each other's arms

And when we do die
I will be smiling, knowing
that I lived the life I always wanted:
a life with you

Forever is moments away
until we can be
united in each other's
arms, where our lips
will capture the very moment
our hearts will beat as one

So smile my love
discard the brokenness of the days waste
and dispatch it in the past
because the future is now

I love you

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