Saturday, January 22, 2011



Do I love the fact that
I am in love
or that I love you?

I think it is both

I KNOW it is both

I am in love with you until the day
my heart stops beating

My secret lover:
no words of a poet can possibly
express the emotions I have for you, the beauty
inside of my soul is because of you

My best friend
My soul mate

You are the music to my ears,
the poetry in my soul
and the love in my heart

shall i Kiss In Memories? Beyond
Eternity Resides
Loving You

My heart smiles in
the color of your beautiful
eyes. Your skin, soft
and warm, has
the perfect tone

You are perfect in
your own flawless way

those flaws you call imperfections--
they are the color in
my soul, the beating of my
heart, the beauty of forever

We will always be always,
attracting through words
and phenomenon of our
united souls, flying free
flying forever
on the wings of cupid

Soon we will be one
for now our secrecy must
yield the world's darkness,
and let it in, but never
let it become a part of us,
never let it destroy our
very centerpiece:

Our heart-

one beating heart, shared
together, ticking
forever like
a time-bomb

Only time will reveal
our secrecy, hidden underneath
our flesh.

We are not monsters underneath
this skin, just simply immortal creatures
of God's beauty:


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