Sunday, January 23, 2011


our hearts beat as one

even in this darkness, where our souls must sleep
arrows of cupid until time may tell, just a shot in the dark,
we can see, only we can feel the
of our shaking hearts, quivering substantially with the purest form of

and ecstasy, with our shaking hands in each other's fictional mind.
are my very imagination, my very inspiration.
heart attacks on paper thin lies, have been discarded forever.

my fantasy collides with reality when our
subsides and paves way for our dream, our future,
will immerse my soul and drown me in
of our fate.
seems but a word, just like the phrase "i love you" but the
are so obvious in this chemical equation between us:
of my very heart will cease once you

but i will live forever
and i will love forever

my love, your shades of beauty will never
diminish, like the erosion of rivers
and oceans can never compare to the depth
of my emotions i have for you

Kill me In My sleep if this is but a lie,
that way I die happy dreaming of you

I Love You Forever

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