Thursday, January 27, 2011


They say inspiration can't
be turned on and off
but when I think of you
a light pops over my head illuminating
the darkness around me

They say you can't fall in
love after the first
week of contact... but look at us
we've got our who life
planned out.

They say it's impossible
to love at such
a young age as this,
that soon we'll just
be a memory drowning
in the ocean
of our love,
but what do they know?

they can't see into
this heart of mine

they can't see into this
soul of mine

They say love always
dies, but what I
feel can only die
if God killed
himself and creation
if every angel
sacrificed themselves
and every single human
died of spontaneous combustion

They say what I feel is
only infatuation at it's early
stage, but I'm a poet
I know what true love is
and that my dear
is you

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