Monday, January 31, 2011


Something deep inside of me stirs
like the swirling of sugar in sweet
herbal green tea.
Can in it be this ocean
of passion that overfills my heart
with life?
Or is it this voice in my head,
so beautiful and divine, like
heaven herself has come down
to intervene with my very thoughts

I call this heavenly place my home, in your arms
where my heart grows

This voice keeps singing a lullaby
of love and poetry
about a boy who loves a
girl, so secretly
About a girl who loves a
boy, and they want to express their
emotion but not can they
It's a modern day romeo-juliet

but it's still a heaven no matter the tragedy
of what we have to consider
ourselves, even if that means
just friends
because deep down inside
something stirs
and I know it's love

Your voice is the music
to my soul.

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