Friday, January 28, 2011


The blue-green horizon of
your eyes is the most beautiful
site I have ever seen,
that I have ever dreamed of—
I walk the landscape to
our love every time I close
my eyes.

I can’t stop staring deep
into those beautiful bulbs
of brilliance, the illumination
to my inspiration, the vision
to the vulnerability of my soul, to the
beauty I have always been
writing about but never have seen
but now I have seen the world
just in the color of your eyes

You write the words to my
poetry with just a smile,
with just the flicker of your
eye lashes, with the brilliant beams
of beauty, the radiation of your luminous eyes,
ablaze in the fires of my

It’s the way you say
sorry, the way you
look at me like I’m a god, the
way your curiosity runs wild like
the rivers of my words.

It’s how you laugh and fall
backwards on the carpeted floor like
you want me to be lying next to you—
the way your cheeks get rosy
when you realize I can read your
facial expressions and body

And I find myself staring
deep into your eyes again, those
oceans I love to swim in.

I love you.

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