Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tomorrow, as our
lips touch so passionately, and every
fiber of me vibrates like the rhythmic 
beat of each poem I write 
for you, our hearts will become a 
lullaby sung by the rapid pulse
of our melodic love
and we will become one,
united under the stars

and tears will stream
down our rosy 
cheeks and freeze 
against our skin
as our hands make out the
shape of hearts with our fingertips,
as our lips spell
out the word 'forever'
through moments our dreams
can only capture

and we'll walk together, 
hand in hand, down
the paved roads covered 
in the white fluff from
heaven, and we'll walk in a
silent whisper as the cold breeze
freezes our faces, with the snow
crunching like crackers beneath
our feet. And you'll look
at me, with the happiest tears
blurring your vision, and your smile
will stretch from cheek to
cheek, and you'll say with 
ever sweet words from 
the most musical voice
I have ever encountered:

"I love you."

And I'll look at you, my heart
beating endlessly in my chest, my
body shaking calmly from the cold, 
but warm from your 
heat, and I'll say as I stare
deep into your beautiful eyes:

"I love you too."

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