Saturday, January 22, 2011

Humorous or DEAD serious?

Sometimes I can be quite humorous, but it happens to be dark humor which no one seems to be really fond of. Like people probably think I am crazy, but in reality it is just this darkness in me that I express through fiction.

For example. I posted on twitter yesterday:

"Gassing out the bitches, poisoning the whores. Ditching all their bodies in a fucking morgue. This world will be better without them here."

I really love that. I love dark things, and I think that kinda stuff is funny. 

Like the irony that Dexter is a cop by day and a serial killer by night makes me laugh. His malicious grin makes me grin. 

I love darkness. And I love expressing it through fiction, mostly deeper than humor, but ocassionaly through dark humor. 

But that is me. If you think I am some kind of creep, a serial killer, some kind of monster... then maybe you should watch your every step. 
I know where you sleep, I know where you shit. I am the future embroidered on your flesh. I am the blood streaming through your body, gushing out through your veins . I am the strewn blood imbedding my face with a joyless grin...

or maybe I am just a writer


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