Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From opposite sides of
town, we whisper to each other
holding in our deepest secret:

Our love.

From phone call, to message,
to dreaming every night
of each other, we share something
deeper than that I have ever

Our love.

And I sleep restless each
night, because my bed
feels so empty
without you here.
And this house is dead,
cold and lonely
because they say home
is where the heart is

but you are across town
and this distance is
killing me.

I am only alive in
your heart, and in my

But this insomnia is
killing me.

Because every day that I
can't see you, or hear
your voice, or feel your
touch, I die.

I'm just a zombie walking these
landscapes I once called
my home.

Please come hold me
tonight so I
could feel alive and feel
in love.

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