Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily Blog 11-19-11

I'm not used to blogging, I don't have much experience with the whole thing so you must bare with me through this. Eventually I should get the hang of it, but right now I am experimenting, searching for my style. Warning my thoughts are random and sometimes make absolutely no sense.

Today is Wednesday and it's what you would call "fucking freezing" outside. I am currently at Kent State hiding -- inside of the library --  from the, what feels like, below-zero weather. I am hibernating inside the warmth of this shelter, my savior for the hour, escaping the weather. I am hibernating, like an animal, for a few hours before my next class. This brings up a good theme: the idea whether or not humanity is in fact entirely human. We surely have animalistic qualities. (We crave sex and food, sleep all of the time, spend our time focused on only ourselves, and sex. Did I say sex?) We mate with things we do not love, but what we lust over. We drool like imbeciles over our greedy desires.
But that doesn't make us animals, it simply makes us human. For it is our own human nature to do these things, it is our human nature to be dark. We are born into a life of sin.

Anyways enough rambling... about that. So far today has been an amazing day, for the most part. I have had 2 out of 3 classes, which include: Media, power, and culture... along with Human Evolution (which I do not believe in for the record.)
Also, I had lunch with my best friends and we always have an amazing time, laughing at the stupidest shit. Which most of the things we talk about are pretty vulgar, so I am sure a bunch of pretty ladies thinks we are fucking creeps, nerds, or losers which is okay with me because I don't care at all. In reality we are pretty much just quoting inside jokes which usually allude our rap band: Nottingham Lane, with these dirty FICTIONAL lyrics. But I won't even get into that, those raps are awful and all for jokes, but always manage to maintain a laugh from everyone. I guess it's a way for us to connect with one another and just have a fun time through our immaturity for the time-being. A bunch of college guys talking about "fucking bitches" is a normal thing I guess, but our humor gets pretty dark. Atleast, mine does, and I am way too ashamed to admit what I have wrote, but if it ever gets our there, it's all for the 'shits and giggles.'
Anyways, now I am in the library for a little more time, then I have to head over to my Intro to human communications class, which is a fun night class.

I am pretty amazing as we speak because something special has currently happened, and I can't stress to deeply on what it is, but I am going to write a poem about it. :)

"The 19th of the 5th month of the 13th year of 2000"

This cold weather, dark sky
and such, like how my heart
has always been:
cold, dark, and broken,
can never stop me

My pieces have finally
fallen back into
place. My heart is alive 
in the beauty of your soul

Brokenness can never stop me

My soul, deeper
than a pondering poet,
runs on rivers of words
into our destined future

No dams or droughts can ever stop me

Your eyes glisten gracefully
as I stare, deep into 
your poetic soul—
your heavenly voice,
the music and rhythm 
to my beating heart

Silence can never stop me

And yes, the future
is days from this hour,
but so is every minute.
And with every second we
draw closer to the opening
of the curtain, to the beginning
of forever
You are forever mine

The past can never stop me

And I sit here and weep
not in grief, but in glory
in thankfulness
in amazement that you—
a jealousy to the goddesses—
have destined a day for 
our unity, our love.

The world can never stop me

The nineteenth of the fifth month
of the thirteenth year
of two-thousand:
engraved on my heart
like a tattoo

Time can never stop me

from loving you

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