Monday, January 31, 2011

Stow High School

I couldn't fucking wait to get out of there. But now, it's like I am being retracted in by the bullshit rumors that people are spreading about me...

Why are people so fascinated by me and the rumors they hear about me? If you want to know about me and my personal life, this is who I am. SO STOP SPREADING RUMORS!!!!!

I am Kevin, I go to Kent State University, I am majoring in english and living at home. I am 19 almost 20, and yes I am currently grounded right now for doing poorly last semester (3 F's 1 D) but I am doing way better now. I am on academic probation but it's alright because I have improved. My goal is to get all A's, I am working my ass off studying daily. I fucking love english, I love grammar, I love writing and reading, I love structuring of sentences and spelling and vocabulary. I want to be an english professor when I am older, but my dream is to be a writer and a famous musician.

I've had a shitty past, not by being poor or being abused, but by fucking up. I am a new man, changing my old ways and bad habits, and I have improved. I love love love english and going to school for it, but yes I hate fucking LERs.

I love writing horror, tragedy, mystery, and fantasy... Also I love poetry and short stories and lyrics.

I have many best friends because they are all my true friends. They are the people that actually accept me  for who I am and I love them for that. They don't spread rumors, and if they hear any they stand up for me. So thank you to my true friends

and fuck all you people who spread rumors about me to make me look bad or to get some fascination by speaking low of me.

Do me a fucking favor, if you hear a rumor, don't fucking spread it... ignore it or walk the fuck away. You don't even fucking know me or who I actually am, only those select best friends know me for real. I am getting pissed off hearing about being infamous... JESUS CHRIST, I am a good person. FUCK YOU STOW HIGH SCHOOL, fuck you and your shitty, immature, cunt-fucking rumors

I hate it. I dislike those who are spreading it. This is me exploding, this is me telling you that what you hear, whatever it is because I don't even know, is a fucking lie

You are in high school now, and I am in college. I don't need any of this high school drama tailing my ass because people are entertained about other people's rumors.

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