Saturday, January 29, 2011

841 part two

Oh dear moon you
should see the beauty that I have
the bright, beautiful bulbs of brilliance.
I am sorry my favorite
poetic metaphor, I can no longer describe
beauty as you, and compare
the eyes of beauty to you
for I would be disowning her,
degrading her very sweet and
sensual soul

Oh dear starlight, how much I
have favored the use of
your beauty through similes
and metaphors that have manifested
into poems and songs,
but I apologize to you as well,
no longer can I compare you to the twinkle
of a lover's eye.

Oh dear angels, your
musical choirs have
filled my poems for years,
but I apologize, your voices
can never match the epitome of
her voice, of her description

Oh dear roses, hundreds of years
poets have been comparing you
to love in such beautiful
poems that have always filled my
heart with passion, but
I'm stripping away the pedals
and letting them rot
one by one because
you're a flower and
she's the garden to
my soul

Oh dear potential lovers,
I let go of you now, and whisk away
any chance we could have had
Oh dear past lovers,
this is me forgetting about you,
destroying everything that has come
to be, because the future holds
no ramifications for the past--
not when it comes to her

Oh dear lover, this is me
reaching out to you because I know
you are miles away at a place
you wish not to be, but
I want you to know, deep down inside
I am there with you
and I will be with you
always and forever
You have stumped a poet with
your beauty, I am wordless when
it comes to comparing you to worldly and godly things
because you are beyond that

you are everything to me


  1. Sigh, dude your work, is amazing. Just thought I'd say

  2. well thank you so much, that means a lot. :)