Thursday, February 3, 2011


we all have skeletons
hidden deep within our
closets, some more
than others --
the memory of last
week as you looked me deep
in the eyes
and gave me a
kiss. The ghost of
that memory keeps
haunting my dreams
begging me for more. but where have you
gone? you slivered back into the secrecy
where you want to remain
from the knowledge of the
rest of the world.
I guess they say ignorance is bliss,
but happiness is a load
of bullshit.
My deepest secret,
the very reason
I am of existence,
the thing that keeps my heart
pounding -- just a skeleton,
and our love,
the shedded skin

oh dear serpent, must you test
me with your temptations?
your heart is the forbidden
Just another romeo and juliet

where's the poison?

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