Wednesday, February 2, 2011

837 (Great Spectacle)

I look out of my window,
my lips pressed up against the glass
viewing the beauty that surrounds me and hearing
these lullabies in my head with the sound
of every snowflake grazing the Great Spectacle
where I look out into the world

I hear your laughter in
the silence of the moment, where
my hearts faster
And I see your beauty in
the nature of the world that surrounds

the snow like the mountains of fluff
in the sky, like marshmallows on
a hot fudge sunday, falling in individual
flakes of designs that stick to the Great Spectacle

And I see our future through
this Great Spectacle:
in what could feel like moments away are
numbered in days,
one-hundred and six, until
the potentiality of a future
can begin

And I look into my heart, this
Great Spectacle and see the diminishing darkness
rotting into dust as I open it more
to you, and I think to myself
 I can't ignore this window of opportunity ,

oh Great Spectacle

Love may be blind, but I can finally see

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