Monday, February 7, 2011

Few Years From Now

In a few years from now
this place will be so
different, I'll know no
one in high school

most of my friends will be in different cities

some will be in different states

In a few years from now I'll
be seriously thinking about
my future, "fun" will be just
a word of the past

my memories will fade and I'll forget some names

my best friends will turn to phone calls, to text message, to facebook comments, to facebook friends, to just facebook acquaintances

In a few years from now, we won't be riding on
hover boards or in space ships, but
I'll be struggling to make a
living on low income jobs

In a few years from now what I used
to love will just be dead,
my memories of garage bands, marching band, best friends
and sleep overs... will be

'oh hey remembers those times'

and adulthood will come sweeping me off of my feet

because in a few years from now I graduate

then I die