Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Darkness creeps over my veins and my thoughts race inside my fucked up mind.

Who am I? what have I become? I'm just a fucking monster, destroying everything I touch and damaging everyone I love

The one person that has helped me through hell is disgusted by me. And I look in the mirror and just want to hurl, sickened by my own repulsive flaws. Why does my future have to hurt so many people, why did I have to hurt so many people in my past... I am a fucking fire wrecking everything with my desire, burning down bridges that I built with my bare fucking hands

Lies from my past crawl out from my mouth to my best friends in order to protect myself, I'm a fucking selfish bastard. Now I have no one to turn to. My best friends regard me as a fucked up kid, as a failure

I'm a failure by design, just a fucking snow flake on glass, wiped out by windshield wipers turned into nothing but water.... just memories

I'm just a bag of bones waiting to rot internally. broken beyond repair.

I breathe in heavily, sighing deeply from within my shattered heart knowing I'm just going to crawl out of this fucking filth again to fuck up everything that keeps me alive.

I love that which I can't have, why must I go out of my way to try and get something that already has it all? I am a greedy bastard lusting for love...for happiness...for anything

I try apologizing for my past, where does that lead me? fucking rumors. I try smiling, and for once actually being happy... but where does that lead me? A friend sickened by my emotions...

I was destined to die alone, unhappy. It's the only way to keep the world balanced, by staying unhappy the rest of the world remains at peace.

My only happiness consists of destroying someone elses... I think it's time to destroy myself and let the world be a better place

so where's my cigarette? where's a drink that I can toast to the fucking end, and whisk away everything that I thought was happiness....

here's to the bitter end, it taste fucking sweet

goodnight, goodbye, and farewell ...

"I'll close my eyes tonight, cause that brings me closer to you" - Matchbook Romance

"Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die?!
I'm so glad that all of you came!" - Alesana

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