Monday, February 7, 2011

A Fine Kill

From the perspective of an eight year old

Mommy raised her voice at me
like all mommies do
and said

Like she always does,
she flickered her eye lashes
and progressively got louder
with each word

I bit into the apple
of my slithering tongue--
the forbidden fruit; saying
"Fuck you."

"Where did you hear that from?"
her gleaming eyes spoke
in harsh hisses
of 'you-are-in-so-much-trouble-son'

"Daddy, says it driving every day 
to the cars in front of us." My fear
coating the gasps of
'oh my gosh, she is going to kill me.'

"HONEY!" from the other room 
my daddy swallowed, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"
I looked astounded at the sound

My mommy's pronunciation 
formed by her goddess lips of maternal grace
screaming at my daddy instead of me....
A fine kill


  1. i enjoy this. possibly inspired by true events? idk. i miss you.

  2. Thanks mark!
    and yeah, in a sense dude!

    It's more of a cute, funny poem
    but does show true events like mostly about
    my mom when she gets mad she flickers her eyelashes and raises her voice with each word she says

    I tried something new for once though, I've never written a comical poem before.