Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm sitting in the library suddenly feeling...old. I think back to my childhood, when we are all so naiive and innocent... I guess that's why ignorance was bliss.. The only time you were sad was if someone bullied you, if you scraped your knee in a biking accident, or if you weren't allowed to do what you wanted.

What did you do when you were little?

I remember when I was little the whole neighborhood was alive, at least during the summer. People were outside, kids and adults alike, either washing cars, walking, talking to their neighbors, while us kids were playing kickball on the bloc.

I used to play army with my friend, we would go around dressed in camouflage climbing trees acting like we were spies of some sort. Also, we would go around the neighboorhood selling lemonade and kool aid to neighbors so we could invest in a club house that we dreamed we would build in my  yard

we would build forts, go on walks to the park, ride bikes around the neigborhood for hours

we would jump rope and yell out things like:
"First is the worst, second is the best, and third is the one with the treasure chest"

My friends, my brother and I would throw crab apples at the stop sign because we knew there was a bee hive in there, and we would run from the bees around the house

we would play in the little kid pool, enjoying the sun, living life

The only time we would go in doors would be to hide from someone we didn't want to hang with or if we had to go eat
I remember when the power used to go out around the bloc the entire neighborhood would be outside talking with each other

There used to be neighborhood picnics, easter egg hunts, and christmas parties

what is there now?

absolutely nothing

people are so reserved now, keeping to themselves.

No one is ever outside, the only people who are outside are old couples jogging, or every now and then people playing basketball
but never kids, they are all inside destroying their innocence with video games

Their imagination is now limited to what the computer tells them

what happened to when we all used to be cops and robbers? or ghosts? or cowboys and indians? 

Now were a fucking lazy nation, consumed by technology

I guess they were right when they said computers would someday take over the world.

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