Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Serial Killers

I am researching a speech right now about the psyche of serial killers, aleady in the 40 minutes of this film I've learned seriously a shit ton of information. But I need three sources :(
I have 3 other movies, and three books. I got a lot of research to do... ughhh

I've pretty much taken notes word for word of the video which is why it has taken me like 2 hours to watch fourty minutes (and I am not even close to being done)

I still need to research on narcissitic personality disorder and anti-social disorder, find the main things that make a serial killer a serial killer, define everything, and still develop a well thought out thesis, plus different transition sentences....

So much to do, so little time.

But I am actually really interested in this stuff, and it will help me a lot with the novel I am going to write on a serial killer. No, their name is NOT Dexter.

Her name is Mary... yes, that's right... I said "her"


  1. i look forward to reading the rest of that novel

  2. Thanks dude, but its not the same one that I emailed to you lol. which I will still do, do not fret.