Wednesday, February 2, 2011


These past couple of days people have been spreading rumors about me through the high school and all over formspring, and for some reason it really got to me. But why?

I then went to do the most ignorant thing, which made me fall right into the culprits trap, by sending out a mass chain message to everyone saying how sick of the rumors and to stop talking about me behind my back... I got many replies of how stupid I was for doing that, and people started talking even more shit

But now I am just smiling at it, because seriously, why do I care what other people think of me? They have NO say in how I feel, I don't understand why it got to me so much. People started commenting anonymously hiding behind a computer, and seriously they think they are so tough starting shit on formspring, well I will let them have their immature fun. I will be a sarcastic asshole until they decide to man up and actually confront me, until then let them have their fun.

Bringing up a new topic, this snowapocalypse is pretty awesome. I love the fact of getting out of bed, hearing my alarm clock radio in the background playing 88.9, wiping my eyes, stretching turning on the lights then pulling out my laptop reading my email to see that school was cancelled. The best part is turning the lights off, being swallowed in darkness, and turning the radio off and being drowned in silence across the airwaves... then throwing those covers over my head and falling back into a deep slumber, dreaming of a better tomorrow... with her. It's quite relaxing, knowing I won't have to be driving all the way to kent state, then walking all over the cold, frozen over hell called campus.

I am quite content just sitting in my warm house all day

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