Monday, February 28, 2011

"humming bird"

quiet down, now, look around,
how is it that such exquisite peace
is pieced together at least by tears
and severed hearts and “so about the weather…”
do you remember when the humming bird would
hum to us the tunes of our daytime bliss and we would forget
what bound us in lists of
“should not’s” and “should do’s”
when I was me and you—
you were you

we would go to the edge of the world
on humming bird wings with




this place was a beauty,
the blue horizon planting
gardens in your eyes
the humming bird
singing the melodies of
you and me
with a thump-thump
and a thump-thump

but nothing like it is now
streets full of the damned and
the desperate
and disowning your own things
that used to string this world together
now they bring them close to break it all apart
to break us all apart

where has the laughter of the humming bird gone?

I hear nothing but the shrill sound of
bullets whizzing through
my dreams,
and my visions are now
a wasteland for the lovers

I see nothing but darkness—
a black cloud of brokenness
engulfing, swallowing, and
spitting back out

and I hear nothing but crying in the silence of
the evening’s shadow

where has the laughter of the humming bird gone?

the sun shines not
only the melancholic moon rises and falls
like the chest of the humming bird
resting in the nest of his past




with no sound or vibrations
just visions of darkness

because love has always been
blind but never did I realize how
deaf it really was—
how deaf we all are…

the sound of a gun and
the humming bird falls from the tree

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