Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning Ritual

Can you hear that, too?
            the tick-tock of a heart beat speeding as the
alarm clock screams
the drip-drop of  warm water pelting flesh
in a morning ritual
the sizzling of bacon grease on a skillet
shushing the nighttime away
the swishing of saliva swirling
around the morning mouth of chomping teeth like
a Merry-Go-Round full of dancing children
the gulp of coffee burning down the throat and
the yelp, “OW!” as it settles in the stomach

Can you smell that, too?
the after rain scent and the crystallized bulbs of dew
attaching to the blades of grass like
children in the arms of mothers
the fresh shampooed hair and
soap-scrubbed skin
the bacon and coffee collecting
in the air welcoming the morning in around the house

Can you see that, too?
the sheer look of terror in
those voids of sight as they surrender sleep
the soul-smiling gaze as pondering
thoughts transpire in a calm, morning baptism
the bacon sizzling on the stove
and the coffee boiling in the pot
the de-stressing smile of satisfaction
as the coffee drizzles down the throat and
the impression of pain as it burns
its way down but a smile of contentment soon after
and the de-smiling look of realization
that it’s Monday morning and work is calling names
and the reddish-orange and yellow sunrise
with purple tints and blue shading around the clouds
making the dread of work somehow okay

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