Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Would

Sometimes I wish that I could just drive far, far away. And not to run away. Not to any specific destination. Just drive and keep driving wherever the road takes me. Some days I just want to leave the suburbs and get lost in the world, only the stars as my guide. Can you imagine what that would be like? Leaving the city, abandoning the roots of your life for an adventure? If only life could be lived like that.

I would take the 7 seas
in the stars and sail
across them until the moon
calls me home 

I would drive down
the empty trails
that lead to nowhere
and everywhere I’ve ever dreamed of

I would abandon myself
at the house of my youth
and explore the stars in
wonder, listening to their stories

I would run through the forested 
plains, and jump through the 
rivered valleys, skipping stones
that dance on a rippling surface

I would breathe in the words of God
and this world. I would love, I would dance, 
I would live, and I would learn to 
actually see what I left behind 

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