Wednesday, May 23, 2012


do you remember the hot
sun beating down
across the chalk-covered
pavement? ‘cause i do
the concrete cracks were
like fate’s spider webs
catching us whole
for the digestion of design

me and matt
and danny and adam
we liked to run and
pitch golden crab
apples the size of baseballs
at the stop sign
in front of my yard
and we’d watch the swarm of bees
flood out like shooting stars
across the sky
they’d chase us
and it was just a game
back then, do you remember?
‘cause i do

some days i like to watch cars
drive by, and i’d
think back to when we
would sit in lawn chairs
on the side of the road
under the heat of
the summer sun sipping
on our kool-aid and
we’d wave with screams
to honk like it
was the law or something
do you remember those days
‘cause i do

and sometimes i look
into the vast sky and watch
the lemon squeeze it’s
juice upon the earth
in it’s bright color galore
of sunrise and sunsets
and i take a taste of the
citrus memories of lemonade
daydreams, thinking back to when
we would walk around the
neighborhood with the little
red wagon and sell to the
thirsty weekend-yard-working
dads who would buy a cup
for a quarter, and we’d collect it
all in that jar that summer
that we were saving
up for a club-house.
it ended up in the
childhood digestion design
of our stomachs
‘cause those sweets
were smiling at us in
the dairymart down the road
and our pockets were
so heavy from those quarters
do you remember?
‘cause i hope i don’t forget

i like to think back to
when we’d be swallowed
by the forts we’d build
and get lost in the
digestion of design
of blankets and pillows
and those little green
do you remember falling
asleep inside of those?
‘cause i do

sometimes i like to
let the memories consume
me for those few
moments, when the design
of my childhood’s
digestion swirls me
around, i wonder if
you remember the good
old days, ‘cause i
know i’ll never forget


  1. Such a vivid picture of a simpler time when there was no deadlines and 'adult concerns'. I used my quarters in the Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga machines.

  2. Thank you very much! Yeah, I wanted to remind everyone of the simpler times and how, you know, it's okay to escape back to those moments. To the memories that made you who you are today. I mean, it's so easy to forget those simple times nowadays. And so much more, but that's for everyone else to decipher.

  3. It's never too late to have a happy childhood, so says the bumper sticker.

    Funny how as a child, you think "when I'm grown up, I won't have to X and Y and Z," not realizing that you'll still have to do them and more. :-P

    Nice peek into the past!

  4. So true!

    Yeah, I never realized while growing up the burdens I would be taking on as I approached adulthood.

    And thank you very much!