Monday, July 16, 2012


roseate dusk dots the
settling skyline
in flushed blossom winks
around ole andover
a town i didn’t grow up in
and know nothin’ about

the waves of the musky lake
dance to the
rocky shore, moving
with the wind

the tall trees in
the stretching distance
dive far into the
foggy horizon like the
knights of the sky;
like birds breathing in
the world underneath their
winged swords

i listen for the sound of
familiarity, but silence surrounds
me in silhouetted shadows
of the unreachable
the unobtainable
the mirrored masks of mystery
and discovery and
the pristine
memories that echo
loud like in valleys
but i’m deaf to those
‘cause this town ain’t
nothin’ i know about
and i didn’t grow up here

the seagulls sure love
to sing me their melodies
and the trees sure love
to shiver their songs
over the littered cigarette butts
caked in ash mud n’ dirt
that tell me stories
and i’ll embrace this
moment, but this moment
ain’t mine

i’ll marry the stars, here
and we’ll dance with this wind
just listen
t o                 t h e                 s u n r i s e
‘cause in the morning
i’ll be far, far away
but those blue orbs,
her skyline that i
love to fly through
they will be there
we will be there
embracing and dancing in
our own moments
in our own town

and that stretching distance
of time and memory and love,
our future,
i know nothin’ about
and i didn’t grow up there
but that moment,
it’ll be ours

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