Monday, October 3, 2011

Compass To My Heart

Follow the compass to my heart.
Will you get lost,
like I do everyday? Do you lack direction like
my feet that run and walk
and glide on roads
not even written in maps?

Some days we take the wrong
battered and beaten path,
dusty and worn or
clean and barren, and end
up in places we never intended
that were made for us, alone

Follow the footprints in
the sand on the shores of my soul
before the ocean swallows the

Sometimes the miles
we travel over time
can never
compare to the
distance in each other's 

through uncharted waters, dark blue
and deep and damned in god-knows-what,
and burned bridges—black like the
ashen faces of every heart
we once loved—
follow into the depths
the golden compass to my poor heart

let the northern wind
guide you, and the southern
sea swallow you
and let the eastern sunrise
consume you
and the western sunset
take you home

because some men will never
stop to ask for directions,
but most women will 

1 comment:

  1. This gave me chills. No joke. Good job. (:
    I think you're a great writer, just saying!:D