Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucid Dreaming (rough draft)

I had to write a poem for poetry class and I wanted to make it rather short since most of my stuff is always so long, so this is what I wrote. I don't particularly understand it completely, so feel free to critique it or comment on what you think of it/what it means.

"Lucid Dreaming"

turn off the lamp so i
may be swallowed by the darkness
and consumed by the
creative creatures of my consciousness
in a thousand
images of yesterday’s tomorrow

turn the lamp on in my mind
so i may see visions
of love and peace and a better future

i dream of things i want to dream
not what God or mom or dad
tell me to

i dream of a tree with
golden branches and emerald green
leaves towering above
the cotton-ball clouds
pointing towards the heavens

i dream of tomorrow
and yesterday, but most
importantly, i dream
of today

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