Thursday, March 3, 2011

the attic, the door, and the flower

the house was eating
me alive; i was running
and sweating
in the darkness

nothing was what I
remembered it as—
my house had turned
into hell
and a sinister black
that suffocated me

my eyes kept seeing flashes
and blurs of my past
my family, my friends
rotting in religious
reunion with the ground

my eyes looked at the
window sill, a flower
blossoming in the moon-light

my heart was a time-bomb
ticking away my life
with each beat
and thump—
and darkness embodied
my soul
enveloping me in shadows,
monsters of my mind

and the flower
blossomed in the moonlight

i tried running and escaping
the house
but every door i opened
led to my dreaded

i tried screaming
but all that
evaded from my
lungs was a roar

and the melancholic 
moonlight captured
that brief glimpse:
a flower
blooming in darkness

i tried another door
and it led to
that room that i’ve
never seen before
only dreamed about:

the attic
where my biggest fears
would come to life

i just wanted to leave
this cursed house
that i’ve known my whole
but the room was calling me
my fate was screaming
my name, and the darkness
was letting me in

i took a brief glimpse
into the window of my
identity, and saw what had been there
all along: a silhouetted entity
shadowed by what had once been—
not a man
a monster, caked in
the crimson life of his lovers
my lovers

and the flower began to rot
as the door closed and
locked behind me
and i saw what had been calling
my name. An open coffin
ready to swallow me whole

darkness sucked the life out of me
with my clammy hands
holding the rotting flower

and the house devoured my soul

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  1. Kevin - This is a vibrant piece with so much going on. I really like your writing and the brave way you show your soul. LL