Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DISCOVER part II (ode to the earth)

m u c h  like the silver moon
glimmers in the meadow
and the starry night
dances in twilight’s gleam
painting ancient pictures
on an ancient canvas
of heroes and myths

m u c h  like the golden sun
sets fire to the ocean
and the life with in
to the painted sky
and the ancient birds
dominions and kings of the clouds
all in reddish galore
an explosion of terrifically
beautiful color
and to those ancient birds
humming their ancient tunes
with the trees

m u c h  like the fuzzy bumble bee
pollinates from a golden sunflower
and collects the nectar for her young
and to that golden sunflower
that glimmers in the silver meadow
and catches fire under
the blooming sunrise
and as the winter approaches
begins to deteriorate and fall back
to her mother’s womb
like the sun every night
and the lifeless body of
every beautiful carcass
plant animal human

m u c h  like the drift of an autumn leaf
and the snow of a dandelion seed
soaring through the silver meadow
so is the discovery of life and death

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